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Narrowboat Nightmares Continued: How Threat Intelligence Could Have Saved Me Thousands

So here’s another fun story around my narrowboat nightmares, if you didn’t catch the last one, I would recommend giving it a read here. This […]

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Canal with narrowboats.

Phishing, Delays & Incidents

+218 min traffic delay for a 55 min drive after a brief flurry of snow gave me time to make a lot of calls and […]

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Cyber logs and human eye.

Thrown into the Deep End

Scuba diving was one of those activities that I’d always wanted to try out, but for one reason or another (namely a deep-seated fear of […]

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Fish, shark and coral reef.

Cyber Insurance – Still a Valid Tool for Risk Management?

Insurance providers over recent years have dipped their toes in the water in the provision of Cyber-Insurance to organisations. Digital Transformation has made computer systems […]

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Calling Cyber-Security’s Bluff

For those that know me at a personal level, they know I am a keen poker player. I’ve been fortunate to make some great friends from […]

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Poker chips and playing cards scattered on a table.

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