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Would you choose the red, blue, or green pill?

The Matrix: a cult classic film of my generation. Yes, I am aware I said that word, ‘generation’, and I am only 26. I find […]

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Matrix green coding

Summer Loving (Happened so Fast)

So, it’s finally summer, soon to be the hottest on record in the UK! Everyone’s ready for their holidays and cheerful in the thoughts of […]

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Golf vs. Security – Finding your IT Security Swing

As a keen golfer I find that the issues I’m facing, in both my golfing game and golf in general, are becoming more and more […]

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Is ‘Man Flu’ Real?

Sitting here on a Sunday afternoon deep in thought around what to write this blog about, and how else I can relate fishing back to […]

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Mug of tea, glasses, box of tissues and excess tissues on a table.

Infiltrating the Mafia

As a movie/TV buff, 2019 has been a bit of an interesting year; with several long-term film and television programmes coming to an end – […]

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The Fight Against ISIS for the Worlds Past

As many of you may not know, I studied Archaeology at university and it remains a passion of mine. I wrote my dissertation on the […]

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2 Masked people destroying artwork in the museum

The Real Cost of Free

With plenty of free apps and software options out there, it certainly should be an easy choice to take advantage of what’s on offer, shouldn’t […]

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Free WiFi inside restaurant sign.

To BIM or Not to BIM?

It’s been about a decade since Building Information Modelling (BIM) poked its ugly head into the construction industry, forcing organisations to bring in and understand […]

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Does More Money Mean Better Security?

I have a news alert set up on my desktop with the search criteria; ‘organisation’, ‘data breach’, ‘security breach’ or ‘hack’.  The good thing about […]

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Variety of scrunched currency notes.

Cyber-crime Insurance – The Threats of Supply Chain

So, this is more a question for cyber security professionals in general, what are we turning cyber security insurance into? I’m not asking the usual […]

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