Data Protection & Detection

Secure and monitor your critical data

As new Data Protection laws come into effect across Europe and globally. Regulation becomes an increasingly important aspect to all IT operations. Whether its achieving PCI-DSS or UK Cyber essentials, we understand that regulatory compliance can be a burden across all aspects of IT governance.

Our IT security risk consultants with extensive cross industry experience are experts in being able to assist you in not just meeting these requirements but exceeding them.

SIEM & Security Analytics

The ability to be able to quickly detect a malicious actor on your network is critical in today’s digital world. The average attacker can spend weeks, if not months undetected whilst they slowly traverse systems and networks until they find what they are looking for. Just collecting logs is no longer sufficient, as the volume of data will be too greater to analyse and monitor manually. By utilising a SIEM the logs can be analysed in real-time and the events correlated together to provide you with real and meaningful information to identify, alert and then remediate an attack. armadillo's approved partners are leading vendors providing on premise, cloud, and managed SIEM services to meet your requirements.

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Data Loss Protection

Most data breaches occur either because of carelessness or accidental behaviour, or because a hostile actor (either internal or external) is attacking your network. Being able to identify, alert and potentially block the data exfiltration generally requires a DLP solution to be deployed. Many DLP projects have failed because of the complexities of the solution, too many false positives and the inability to handle legacy data without investing many man hours in classifying existing data. armadillo's approved partners provide DLP technologies that can automate the classification of data and then apply controls based upon the context and user of the data.

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Data Classification

Every day businesses creates more and more data. Data gets saved, employees move on, and data is forgotten and lost. Valuable information sits on your file servers and document stores, and it is not protected because no one knows where to find it or if it is important. With existing data governance and compliance regulations such as PCI and shortly GDPR, it is important to regain control over your unstructured data, and data classification will help you to achieve this. armadillo work with leading data classification vendors that can apply classification either automatically, user-driven or with a blend of classification techniques to meet your requirements. By classifying your data it can be retrieved and identified more easily to help you protect the data that is critical to your business.

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