Meet the armadillo team.


Mark Newns


Mark founded armadillo in 2001 with the view that the world’s networks were set to become a whole lot more sophisticated and that this would raise far reaching security challenges for organisations of every shape and size.

Since that time he has seen armadillo grow from a small reseller into a fully Managed Service organisation, with offices in the US and UK and a client portfolio of world leading brands including Camelot, GSK and Deutsche Bank. Today, armadillo is recognised as one of the most experienced and talented security service partners in the world.

Mark is responsible for the day-to-day running of all of armadillo’s operations – from finance to client delivery and satisfaction, innovation and employee effectiveness.

Prior to founding armadillo, Mark was responsible for the international telecommunications strategy at WorldCom, where he was asked to attend the company’s President’s Club.

During his career Mark has seen the world of security and networks change radically from the love bug virus and the £25k leased line solutions of the dotcom era to the cyber security-driven, cloud-based and socially connected landscape of today.

“Our challenge is to evolve the human side of security,’ says Mark. ‘Technology has progressed at lightening pace, but much of how we think about threats and their mitigation hasn’t. Our aim is to move people’s security ideas forward more quickly into the future.”

When not working Mark enjoys spending time at home with his young family in West London.

Daniel Oxley

Chief Technology Officer

Daniel Oxley joined Armadillo in 2022.  He has been breaking and fixing computers since the age of 8 and has professionally been in the industry for over 25 years.  Daniel brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Armadillo team, with one of his main responsibilities being the creation and development of robust cyber strategies right across the Armadillo portfolio; Daniel will play a key part in engaging with our client base on complex cyber challenges and helping companies develop their strategies.

Throughout his career, Daniel has been involved with the full lifecycle of complex managed services in several roles across multinational systems integrators, vendors, end-customers, software companies, and most recently in pure-play cyber security organisations.  Having worked in many verticals across his career, ranging from small start-ups to some of the largest global organisations in the world, he is technologist at heart and has helped some of the largest organisations in the world in developing relationships and delivering transparent solutions.

Naturally, Daniel brings dedication, energy, and drive to the business and his team offers unrivalled support and services to all our new and existing clients. Not only does he have a deep-rooted love of technology, but he also takes immeasurable pride in his work and has a genuine passion for finding the right solution for our customers.

Michala Fry

Head of Accounts

As Head of Accounts, Michala works with our clients and partners to ensure the smooth running of our accounting processes. Joining armadillo in 2006, Michala has been instrumental in defining the accounting processes which ensure that we are a great partner to do business with.

In her spare time, Michala enjoys spending time with her young family.