Identity & Privilege

Manage your identities to strengthen compliance and reduce risk

As organisations drive their digital transformation and cloud strategies forward, adding more services and business functions to communicate with both their customers and partners, as well as being able to manage what access rights people have to data and applications is becoming more critical.

Traditionally, when data has resided within an organisation the challenges around identity and access have been limited to just a few key systems, but today, users access data and applications that reside in the cloud, via remote connections, as well as collaborate with business partners.

Ensuring that users only have the access rights required to do their job is now more challenging, not only because of the number of disparate systems involved, some of which are on premise, and others hosted in the cloud, but because work forces are now much more agile, and staff will change jobs and roles within an organisation much more frequently.

Authentication & Identification

Over 95% of cyber attacks exploit end user credentials, providing easy access into the organisations IT environment. In today’s hybrid and cloud enabled world multi-factor authentication is a best-practice in keeping your organisation out of the headlines and more importantly keeping user data secure. MFA has moved beyond tokens, adding flexible authentication options, as well as adding context to the process of strongly verifying your user’s identities.

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Identity and Access Management

With today’s organisations increasingly embracing digital transformation, maintaining the balance of compliance, regulation and business requirements brings new challenges to managing identities and access. IAM is increasingly understood as a cornerstone of Information Security and no longer just about employees. Managing consumers and customers is a key capability, as is the management of partners and joint ventures. IDaaS brings scaleability and simplicity to the management of large numbers of customers, consumers and other stakeholders.

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Privileged Access

One of the biggest security vulnerabilities an organization faces today is the unauthorised access or use of privileged accounts. An external attacker or a malicious insider will use privileged accounts to take control of an organization’s IT infrastructure, steal confidential information, and to disrupt business. It is a fact that stolen or unauthorised privileged credentials are used in nearly all cyber breaches. Organizations need controls in place to proactively identify all privileged accounts that have been configured, as well as monitor and audit all access to systems and data using these privileged accounts.

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