Converged Endpoint Management (XEM)

You can’t manage what you can’t see.

Gain complete visibility into your digital estate with Tanium Converged endpoint management (XEM) Core. Manage and secure your growing network of endpoints.

Meet the challenge of an increasingly complex, distributed network of devices and applications and create a fundamentally safe and higher-performing digital estate – all from a single platform.


See every endpoint in your environment — whether they are in the cloud, on or off VPN, remote, or onsite. Collect granular information for each of them, with the capacity to monitor limitless attributes for managed endpoints.

Mitigate risk by showing which endpoints are at high-risk, identify which areas to focus on across all types of data, and take steps to prioritize the most critical endpoints. Create actionable plans to reduce risk after comparing metrics against industry peers.

Collect accurate data across all software and hardware assets in minutes — not weeks or months. Answer questions about your estate, align teams around a single source of truth, and efficiently prepare for internal and external audits.

The lines have blurred between IT Operations and IT Security, protecting your business requires everyone and everything to be compatible and work together towards this common goal.

Therefore, why should you compromise on your tooling? Why should you adapt your business to the limitations of the tools you have invested in? Requiring 15 different tools and solutions to detect and respond to change is not a sustainable model, and this is why patching is only moderately successful and you only have moderate visibility over 80% of your environment.

Reliable endpoint management and trustworthy security controls are not optional in this digital age, nor should you be forced to have to choose or make concessions.

Tanium, the industry’s first and only provider of converged endpoint management (XEM), leads the paradigm shift in endpoint management — consolidating tools, connecting workflows and bringing together people to create a convergence.

Don’t Accept Second Best.

Your current approach is not working and is not accurate. ~90% patching success or vulnerability detection is not high enough, but you are only achieving this across the ~90% of your estate that is visible to your management solutions.

It doesn’t have to be this way, and with Tanium it isn’t. Tanium is the only solution that can give you real-time visibility and control of your entire environment; have view of every possible metric across every device: 100% reliable, 100% of the time.

Act at scale and immediately, right when it matters. Armadillo is the only Tanium partner that can offer you end-to-end operations and security solutions. We take your business seriously and have the proven track record to make the difference that your business requires.

Armadillo is a true partner to your business, joining you at every step of your journey. The ‘Armadillo Approach’ establishes trust in your trading networks and complies with industry regulatory pressures. Simplicity is the key to delivering effective solutions.

Don’t compromise, and don’t tolerate “good enough” and mediocre endpoint management. It’s time to embed complete visibility and control into your business strategy.


Hosted as an unlimited cloud service, Armadillo can partner with you to take over the burden of your daily endpoint management and take the pain and effort out of the visibility, configuration and administration of your endpoint estate.

With the choice of self-control or a full managed service, Armadillo will conform to your precise needs and requirements, providing you with the first ever solution that perfectly aligns with your business strategy.

Trust Armadillo to help you achieve unimaginable levels of visibility, control and compliance.