ArmaProtect - Patch, Protect, Prosper

Streamlining Endpoint Management and Security in the Digital Age

In today’s digital landscape, effective endpoint management and robust security controls are essential. ArmaProtect, powered by Tanium, offers a unified solution that eliminates the complexity and imitations of using multiple tools. It’s designed to bring your IT Operations and Security together, providing a seamless, automated management of your endpoints.


Overcoming Budget and Performance Hurdles with Enhanced Security

Have you explored Microsoft InTune for vulnerability and patch management but found budget constraints a challenge? Or are you already using this solution, but the results are leaving you less than satisfied.
Effective patch management helps organisations reduce security risk. By fixing vulnerabilities in software and applications, patching prevents hackers from exploiting these weaknesses. However you are trying to solve vulnerability and patch management in your business, you may have already reached the conclusion that your current approach is not delivering.

ArmaProtect, is a fully managed service that simplifies and strengthens your IT infrastructure with Compliance (FSA, PCI, etc.), Operating system patching, software management and real time vulnerability detection and remediation. Monthly reporting via email is how everyone else does it, not the case with ArmaProtect. Customers are provided with a personalised online portal, showing status and progress of activities, updated in real time, helping them finally reach business and compliance needs whilst fitting their budget.



          • Managing different OS versions (Windows, macOS, Linux) and diverse endpoints complicates patching efforts

          • 90% chance a vulnerability will be exploited 40–60 days after discovery

          • 60% of data breach victims cite an unpatched vulnerability as the cause

          • 60–150 days average time to patch a vulnerability

          • Applying patches consistently across remote devices becomes challenging

          • 89% of IT leaders report data silos are creating business

          • 40% of CIOs say silos make it difficult to identify the severity of an issue and minimise business impact

          • 55% of organisations use more than 20 tools across IT Operations and Security

Your 24 / 7 / 365 Data Dashboards

Be safe in the knowledge that actions are being taken, have real-time insight into every activity that occurs, and view immediately when your risk profile changes as vulnerabilities arise. Take a closer look at the gallery below, to experience views of your personalised dashboards; custom designed to meet your bespoke requirements.






What Sets ArmaProtect Apart?

ArmaProtect adapts to your specific requirements without the need for multiple tools. Real-time visibility and control power the certainty that enhances efficiency but also ensures an elevated level of visibility and control over your IT environment. ArmaProtect is a trustworthy managed service which is run by the industry’s most experienced and trusted Tanium Specialists, Armadillo.