Incident Response & Management

Rapid Response to Threat Landscape Incidents

Prevention is always better than the cure however, in today’s threat landscape incidents are inevitable and a rapid response is critical to shortening the time to remediation.

armadillo’s Major Incident Response methodology helps you shorten remediation times but it’s the Rapid Incident Review that delivers the necessary changes in process to ensure that the incident is never repeated.

With armadillo, and our best-of-breed vendors, we are able to define your cyber security polices and processes to ensure a safe network.

Incident Response Platform

For decades, the security industry focused on prevention and detection solutions. Incident response (IR) was not a priority – leaving security teams using manual tools, like email or spreadsheets, and inefficient, inconsistent processes to contend with cyber incidents. An Incident Response Platform (IRP) empowers cyber security teams to transform their security posture by enabling faster and more effective response through the orchestration and automation of IR processes. It is able to work seamlessly with the prevention and detection systems you use today to create a central hub for IR management. Create a proactive, coordinated, and intelligent team no matter whether you have deployed a complex Security Operations Centre or small-to-midsized security team, and ensure that you’re well-prepared to manage and resolve security incidents and business crises every day.

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