Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Do you know your risk score?

$160 billion will be spent on cybersecurity next year.

The industry’s approach to endpoint management is flawed. Each IT security vendor offers only a small piece of the solution required to protect your environments, resulting in organisations being forced to buy dozens of these different point solutions, stitch them together, pretend that the data is real-time, and then make decisions based on stale, inaccurate and incomplete data.

It doesn’t have to be this way

  • 55% of organisations use more than 20 tools across IT Operations and Security.
  • 40% of CIOs say silos make it difficult to identify the severity of an issue and minimise business impact.
  • 89% of IT leaders report data silos are creating business.

Organisations need a new way to manage and secure their endpoints, the current way is not working.

Start at the beginning with an Armadillo Cyber Assessment that provides the only real-time and accurate view of the entire environment, shining a spotlight on everything you know and don’t know about.

With Armadillo’s 5-day risk assessment program you can at last take the first step towards proactive endpoint management, with real-time visibility and control.

Visibility you’ve never had before

Your personalised risk report contains:

  • An executive summary
  • your risk score
  • a suggested implementation plan
  • asset inventory
  • risk vector analysis
  • Log4j exposure
  • and more

A three-step process with minimal resource required over just 5 days of elapsed time to complete the detailed analysis.


100% accurate, 100% of the time

An Armadillo Cyber Security Risk Assessment is the surest way to evaluate your environment:

  • Get a clear picture of where your assets lie
  • Identifying potential threats
  • Understanding the likelihood and impact of those threats
  • Implement proactive processes to address and mitigate the impact.

All using real-time data that is 100% accurate, 100% of the time.

Receiving your Cyber Security Risk Assessment is a simple 3-step process, with next to no effort required from your technical teams. You swiftly deploy a lightweight agent into a portion of your environment, the data collection begins, and then Armadillo will complete the study of your environment and compile the report. At the end of the process our engineers will then provide the information needed to quickly remove the agent afterwards.