Infrastructure & Endpoint

Bring legacy systems forward to the modern era

Legacy security infrastructure and endpoint protection is continuing to fall behind in today’s global Cyber Security arms race. In many of today’s environments legacy security solutions continue to provide operational friction points whilst providing increasingly less value against today’s modern threats. armadillo can provide that reassuring hand bringing a legacy operational system forward to the modern era helping increase your cyber security posture whilst minimising downtime to business critical systems.

Next Generation Secure Gateway

In today’s growing threat environment building an infrastructure with comprehensive security is imperative. Whilst doing so it is also important to not affect the reliability and speed of the network. Next-Generation Firewalls can deliver a secure high-performance network that addresses these requirements. NGFWs deliver superior protection over traditional firewalls by adding intrusion prevention, application and user visibility, SSL inspection, and zero-day threat detection.

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Next Generation Malware Protection

The core Anti-virus technology has not changed in 30 years – most solutions are signature or heuristics based, and are just not capable of detecting targeted or zero day malware today. Each week there are over 100,000 new variants of malware created, and it is impossible for signature based solutions to be kept up-to-date. There are new malware prevention technologies available which do not require signature or frequent updates, but use the power of machine learning to automatically detect and block malicious files before they have a chance to infect a device.

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Vulnerability Management

IT Infrastructure is complicated - The plethora of different operating systems, use cases and a constantly shifting security landscape makes effective Vulnerability management a core component in any security strategy. The challenge facing most organisations is that a lack of skills and time often results in the same vulnerabilities arising with every scan. How do you prioritise remediation activities against operational challenges? armadillo can help you from a technology, professional services and even managed services perspective; from delivering the architecture, scans and a program of remedial work

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