Our approach

Simplicity is the key to delivering effective solutions. We deliver our Managed Services in five simple steps:

1. Discovery

Under NDA we learn about your environment, your requirements, your culture, your budget, your schedule and your security challenges. We evaluate the best possible solution and we’re honest enough to tell you if we can’t deliver it.

2. Proposal

We conduct interviews with key team members to understand the key issues and translate this into technical and service designs that reflect the optimum solution. We also provide draft commercial agreements and an initial scope of work.

3. Sign Off

We deliver a Statement of Work, based on detailed designs, testing requirements, monitoring alerting and reporting requirements and business process transitioning.

4. Execution

We deliver the solution and set up your support services, reporting mechanisms, your monitoring and alerts and we ensure that the system is tested and working prior to roll out. We also train your team.

5. Service Transition

Alongside your team, all final technical, service, monitoring and alerting re-calibration is carried out. Finally, armadillo technical and delivery managers are appointed to ensure our ongoing services meet your requirements.