The Death of Passwords: The Future State of Identity

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Logging in with a username and password is going to be a very different experience in the future, particularly for the enterprise, consumers, e-commerce and more. Compromised identities, including passwords, are now the number one way cybercriminals are accessing and breaching organisations, over the use of malware.

In this webinar, learn from industry experts and look at the future of identity and the importance of secure credentials including:

  • Identity as a Service (IDaaS): When will you be logging into your corporate network using your Facebook credentials?
  • Is the future biometric?
  • Identity assurance across cloud, mobile, web, social and legacy applications
  • Contextual authentication, or logging users in based on risk factors around geolocation, device or other characteristics
  • Strategies for your organization to align to the future of authentication
  1. Jeff Carpenter Sr. Manager, Product Marketing – Authentication, RSA
  2. James Naylor Head of Cyber Security, armadillo
  3. Stephen Pritchard Moderator, Infosecurity Magazine
  4. Ryan Rubin Managing Director, Protiviti
  5. Paul Simmonds CEO Global Identify Foundation

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