Cylance® Presents

The Unbelievable Tour

Thank you to all those who attended The Cylance Unbelievable Tour on 26 May 2016. If you were unable to attend and would like to discuss the most effective anti-malware solution on the market please contact us on 0208 0888 222.

Date: 26 May 2016
They say, “Seeing is believing.” Well, that’s never been truer for those information security professionals who attended a stop along Cylance’s coast-to-coast “Unbelievable Demo Tour”. What will you see if YOU attend? A live demonstration of CylancePROTECT’s® ability to prevent advanced threats and zero-day malware before it’s ever able to execute!

What to Expect

The UBT Demo starts with an overview of Cylance® and an explanation of our demo process. Then, we pit CylancePROTECT® and three top vendors against 100 of the latest virus samples and 100 mutated virus samples. You will see how all four vendors fare, and then have the chance to try and stump CylancePROTECT® with your own worst-of-the-worst malware samples. Finally, we’ll all measure the results of the demonstration together and finish up with a Q&A session.

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