Armadillo Managed Services partner with Venari to raise the curtain on encrypted traffic.

London, September 28th 2022 – Armadillo Managed Services are pleased to announce its new strategic partnership with Venari Security, a London-based cybersecurity company, who provide organisations with visibility and insight into their encrypted attack surface and how encryption is actively used across their enterprise, providing a level of context previously unattainable.

Armadillo integrates Venari Security’s pioneering Encrypted Traffic Analysis (ETA) platform into its existing portfolio, enabling organisations to identify attackers in encrypted traffic and monitoring for any deviation or change. The platform uses a unique combination of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), behavioural analytics and a proprietary rules engine to provide actionable intelligence and detect potential threats, in real time.  The technology provides insight and visibility into how encryption is actively used across the enterprise. This means businesses can better maintain strong encryption standards, by ensuring internal and regulatory compliance whilst supporting data privacy in transit. Ultimately, enterprises can conduct their business in confidence and minimise the risk of a security attack.

Armadillo Managed Services are able to consult on resilient cyber security that improves a business’s ability to detect, withstand and respond to security attacks, and this new partnership further enhances this ability and the services offered.  Focusing on three main practice areas, Armadillo supports businesses in agile cyber security strategy, support and services that work in tune with an organisation’s operations.

“Our partnership will enable Armadillo to widen the lens of enterprise security, empowering its customers to maintain strong encryption standards, whilst mitigating against malicious activity hidden within encrypted traffic on their networks,” said Hiten Mistry, CRO at Venari Security. “Together we will empower more businesses to focus on delivering added value for their customers and driving revenues, as they can be safe in the knowledge that disguised threat actors hidden within encrypted traffic can be stamped out before they make an impact.”

“We have been following the progress of Venari Security with great interest and are confident that our strong relationship with the Venari Management Security team will help drive the solution and our business forward.”, says Armadillo CEO Mark Newns.

About Venari Security 
Headquartered in London, Venari Security is an award-winning cybersecurity SaaS provider with the purpose to make the encrypted world more secure and compliant. Our ETA (Encrypted Traffic Analysis) platform fundamentally changes the way encrypted traffic is analysed. Without decryption, the ETA platform identifies threats and suspicious behaviour while delivering internal and regulatory compliance. Venari Security uses machine learning, artificial intelligence, and behavioural analytics to accurately understand the abnormalities between normal and anomalous behaviour during which data remains private.

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