Resilient Systems Incident Response Platform (IRP)

The Resilient Systems Incident Response Platform (IRP) arms incident response teams with workflows, intelligence, and deep-data analytics to react faster, coordinate better, and respond smarter.

With our Security, Privacy, and Action modules, the platform’s collaborative and agile software allows IR teams to modify their response to suit organisational needs, and continue to adapt in real time as incidents evolve. Our award-winning platform scales to any sized organisation from a mid-sized company with a small incident response team to a Fortune 500 company with more sophisticated needs. The platform is technology agnostic and can be connected to existing threat intelligence or detection systems to enable a quicker and more effective response.

Security Module

Offers a powerful foundation for response planning, management, and mitigation.

Privacy Module

Provides an instant, highly customisable platform for breach preparation, assessment, and management – turning a lengthy, tedious, and expensive process to one that is efficient, compliant, and always up to date.

Action Module

Provides an automatic, fast, and flexible way for organisations to act on incidents. It synthesises data from detection, ticketing, and forensic systems to provide critical real-time information so that teams respond better and faster.

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