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Awareness Workshop

GDPR Awareness Workshop

The regulation comes into force on 25th May 2018 and applies to all organisations within the EU and to any non-member states that offer goods or services to EU data subjects.

GDPR is a business issue rather than an IT challenge and as such, our approach is to help inform and educate stakeholders from across your organisation to raise their awareness of GDPR and how it will affect them and the organisation.


What it is

The Armadillo GDPR Awareness Workshop is a 1 day GDPR awareness and education engagement delivered at your site and led by one of our GDPR consultant practitioners. The purpose is to help you and your key stakeholders understand what GDPR is and how it is likely to impact your business. Typical stakeholders include executives, personal data owners and users including marketing, human resources, finance, information analysts and IT as well as those responsible for risk and compliance.


How We Do It

Where delivered to a single group the first half of the day is an interactive awareness session covering the key points of GDPR, your obligations and the practical implications. This is an open forum workshop with your stakeholders facilitated by our GDPR consultant practitioner. The aim of this session is to help your stakeholders understand what GDPR means in the context of your business.

Where your preference is to run the Workshop across multiple groups, or 1:1 Engagements, we focus on GDPR awareness sessions and combine with individual Q&A’s with each group or stakeholder. Multiple session engagements are delivered over 1-2 hour periods during the course of the day.


We are also able to offer a comprehensive GDPR Readiness Assessment which consists of a more in depth analysis on your business. Contact us today for more information.

Not sure you know enough about GDPR? Watch our free webinar here – GDPR Webinar