Scalable Security for a Growing Business with Fortinet

Thank you to all those who attended our Fortinet webinar on 12 July 2016. If you were unable to attend and would like to discuss securing your organisation through UTM please contact us on 0208 0888 222.

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The dynamics of business are changing and new technologies, such as wireless connectivity to the network add different data security challenges. We are also seeing an increase in malicious activity targeted at small and medium businesses (SMB’s) as hackers are exploiting gaps in security and using this as an opportunity to issue ransomware or to gain access to data about larger organisations.

62% of data breaches are aimed at small businesses so now, security must be a priority regardless of business size – the threat is very real.

A new way of securing your data

Join Fortinet and armadillo on Tues 12 July to see how Fortinet is making information security affordable for SMBs with an all-in-one package that offers the same level of security as large organisations.

A connected Unified Threat Management system is a complete solution, from one vendor, which brings many advantages for a small business:

  • One point of support so you always know who to contact
  • Maximum integration for enhanced security that minimises the gaps for hackers to exploit
  • A single procurement process and a reduction in the amount of time spent on processing orders and invoices
  • A common user experience
  • Minimal down time and reduced risk of service disruption