Complete Security for Network Access

Thank you to all those who attended our Fortinet webinar on 3 December 2015. If you were unable to attend, and are would like to discuss a ‘Security for Network Access’ solution further please contact us on 0208 0888 222.

2014 was a notable year for high profile data breaches, and 2015 is proving to be equal to, or exceed these high profile breaches (remember Talk Talk?). Too many data breaches occur because of a lack of focus across the spectrum of possible threats or attack vectors, and enterprises need to keep up with changing threats and the technologies to prevent and remediate against potential cyber attacks and data breaches.

This session will focus on the cyber crime eco system, and the steps that an enterprise can take to minimise the chances of a data breach.

Join Armadillo and Simon Rose, Sales Engineer at Fortinet to learn about how next generation firewalls (NGFW) are changing the way organisations protect themselves.

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About Fortinet

Fortinet’s mission is to deliver the most innovative, highest performing network security
platform to secure and simplify your IT infrastructure. They are a leading global provider of network security appliances for carriers, data centers, enterprises and distributed offices, and lead the industry in the number of third party certifications it has achieved and maintained over the years.

The Fortinet Secure Access Product Portfolio:

  • Combines cyber security with enterprise access
  • Enables segmentation of devices and access layers across wired/wireless networks
  • Provides a flexible platform with end-to-end protection
  • Scalable to enterprises of all sizes and types