Join Daniel Oxley and Hannah Farrer as they discuss how you can regain complete visibility of your entire estate, from all your managed devices through to the unknown or unmanageable ones. You need a single source of truth for your estate, starting with full discovery. Once you are in possession of this detail, we will teach you how best to improve your processes whilst mitigating your risks.”

Do you know your risk score?

Start scoring your endpoints against dozens of risk and attack vectors, such as vulnerabilities, threats, compliance, patching, sensitive data, in 5 days at zero cost and minimal effort.  Be proactive in your endpoint management rather than reactive, starting with a comprehensive view of your entire environment and risk posture.

The Armadillo Risk Assessment Programme provides dynamic scoring for each endpoint against multiple vectors as well as an actionable improvement and remediation plan.

We have now enhanced our offering to include Armadillo’s ‘Cyber Risk Assessment Programme’ which will give you a real time view of the entire environment. Contact to find out more.