Armadillo Launches New Website

armadillo has changed the face of their organisation with a new website. Mark Newns, CEO says “We wanted a new website which illustrates how Armadillo are moving forward. We have evolved our approach into a more focussed company who works with and develops relationships within each business. And it’s true, if you look at the new armadillo website, you can see the difference. Not only is the site modern and progressive, it outlines how security is not just about malware and viruses, but that it’s about managing the people within an organisation and how they interact with other people, and the technology they use.”

Caroline Thomas, Head of Marketing says “The ethos has always been there. What I realised when I joined armadillo is that the business model has always been around the people, both at the client site and within the sales and technical teams. It is an environment where we understand that people come first and securing networks which meet the business needs and the people who are in them is paramount. All we’ve done is start to communicate this. Beginning with the website and in future, many of our campaigns will support this messaging as well, focussing on the armadillo story, as well as our partners.”

Mark Newns continued “We understand how cyber attacks can affect a business and the people within it. We developed our 5 Step ‘Armadillo Approach’ to ensure that the teams of people who are engaged in any business decision and implementation have a full understanding of how a project will develop, and during implementation what the expectations are and where we are at any point in time. We have found that this approach has been received extremely well by our clients, and that both the client’s technical teams and our own experts have found this to be easy to follow throughout their respective projects.”

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