Armadillo Managed Services Partners with Tanium to Provide Complete Control and Visibility of Endpoints

United Kingdom – January 1st 2024

Armadillo Managed Services today announces a strategic partnership with Tanium, the industry’s leading provider of Converged Endpoint Management (XEM). The two organisations will combine expertise to help organisations protect business-critical assets.

The collaboration delivers comprehensive managed services that protect every endpoint from cyber threats by integrating workflows across IT, Risk, Compliance, and Security. Armadillo Managed Services will leverage the full breadth of the Tanium XEM platform, enhancing support for both enterprise and mid-market organisations across Europe.

By combining the technical capabilities of Tanium with Armadillo’s 22 years of experience delivering endpoint solutions, security and IT operations teams can access valuable insights into their IT infrastructure which helps to identify vulnerabilities and then fix them rapidly. As a proud member of the Tanium partner ecosystem, Armadillo Managed Services integrates its Endpoint Protection (EPP) capabilities with the Tanium XEM platform.

“We have built a Tanium powered managed service, enhanced by Armadillo’s white glove customer support,” said Mark Newns, CEO of Armadillo Managed Services. “This is delivered by our Tanium-trained engineering team and enables us to offer this unique offering to the market, which is gaining traction already amongst our customers.”

“A cornerstone of our growth and commitment to delivering a truly valuable solution hinges on our partners,” said Stuart Robson-Frisby, RVP of EMEA Channels at Tanium. “Our alliance with Armadillo Managed Services is a step towards dismantling the barriers that often arise between cybersecurity and IT operations teams. Together, we are delivering a platform that provides these teams with access to a single source of truth about their IT environment. This significantly improves security and increases efficiency for resource strapped internal teams.”

Armadillo’s vision is to establish a Centre of Excellence, rooted in Tanium’s advanced capabilities, covering the spectrum from initial discovery to Business-as-Usual (BAU) operations. This Centre will not only bolster Armadillo’s position as a leader in the field but also reaffirm the company’s commitment to elevating the standards of IT management and security across Europe.