Webinar – ‘The Weakest Link’

[fancy_header type=”3″ ]16 July 2015: 11:00 – 11:45[/fancy_header]
The Biggest information security flaw currently hitting the field is…
[blockquote animation=”fadeInUp”]’The threat of our own employees present to us! This is NOT something which can just be patched, fixed and monitored![/blockquote]

We hosted a great webinar with Bob’s Business & Phish5.  If you missed it, please listen to the webinar recording and let us know if you’d like further information on how to secure your “Weakest Link’.

Our presentation focussed on discussing how to bring our weakest links from an information security point of view, our employees, and making them our ‘front line defenders’ against the current dangers we face within the battle of protecting company data and brand equity.