Announcing Check Point SandBlast!

Thank you to all those who attended our Check Point webinar on 3 may 2016. If you were unable to attend and would like to discuss your network security requirements please contact us on 0208 0888 222.

Today cyber criminals identify and strategically attack the most vulnerable organizations using highly targeted and customized attacks. In the ongoing battle between hackers and security professionals, attackers are creating new malware variants aimed at bypassing traditional signature-based security solutions, and evading first generation sandboxing solutions.

Check Point is excited to introduce SandBlast Zero-Day Protection, an innovative approach to stop unknown malware, zero-day and targeted attacks from infiltrating networks. Based on cutting-edge CPU-level exploit detection technology, SandBlast is uniquely capable of identifying the most dangerous threats in their infancy, before malware has an opportunity to deploy and even attempt to evade detection.

To learn more about Check point SandBlast Zero-Day Protection, we would like to invite you to join us on Tuesday 3 May 2016 to listen to our webinar, “Staying one Step Ahead with Zero-Day Protection”.

Listen and learn how Check Point SandBlast delivers:
  • The highest malware catch rates with evasion-resistant detection to stop even the most sophisticated attacks from infiltrating your networks
  • Immediate delivery of safe, reconstructed content via Threat Extraction, allowing deployment of SandBlast in full prevent mode, not simply as detection
  • Complete threat visibility with integrated threat prevention and security management, making it fast and easy to deploy and manage

To register your interest in our our Check Point webinar on Tuesday 3rd May 2016 please click here and submit your details.