The Tricks & Treats of Cyber Security

We are all acutely aware of the ‘tricksters’ who can play havoc with data across our business networks and the issue surrounding both external and insider threats. However, has it ever crossed your mind that the actual subject of Cyber Security could offer up a discussion of a ‘treat’ as well as a being a talking about the ‘tricks’.

Whilst watching some of the old Halloween derived movies this weekend – such as Hocus Pocus (1993) and Haunted Mansion (2003), not only was the issue of my age brought to my attention but that these movies don’t change and how these stories compare with the Cyber Security industry.  There are still ghosts, witches and goblins (cyber criminals or threat potentials) who are after your candy, wanting to scare you with threatening behaviour and ghostly activities.  They may be your friend one minute – and the next they are haunting you.

So, what’s the trick vs the treat?



  1. Ransomware
  2. Identity Theft / Credential Theft
  3. Phishing
  4. Fines / Financial, Reputation Loss


  1. Next Gen Advanced Threat Protection
  2. MFA / Privileged Access Management / IDAM
  3. Security Awareness Training
  4. Breach Readiness & Response


There are always going to be ‘tricks’ in cyber security – but managing the ‘treats’ may prove sweeter for those who decide to go out into the night and play the game of trick or treat.  Of course, going to one house and collecting all the good treats – would be a lot easier than trolling the streets going from door to door.  And, of course, that’s where your trusted security advisor or managed service provider comes into their own. They should open the door, take away the fear of unwanted threats and you help down the path of discovering which treats are right for your organisation.

written by:  Justin White – Global Presales Director, armadillo