Cyber Resilience to Combat the Great Waves of Cyber Crime

The Great Wave off Kanagawa (神奈川沖浪裏) is Hokusai’s most famous work, and one of the most recognisable works of Japanese art in the world. Above is my unfinished oil painting inspired by the original wood block print.

In Japan the picture is typically read right to left, unlike the West where we flow with the wave. To the original audience it looks much more frightening. In the Edo period, when this art was created, Japan was in the midst of isolationist foreign policies. Massive change came with the Meiji Restoration just over 150 years ago. Japan opened up to the World.

We live in dramatic times of change amongst the waves of the Information Revolution. While products and services are being adapted to compete, the businesses that create and support them are also undergoing a digital transformation. Embracing information technology brings with it an exposure to evolving cyber threats.

Formed in 2001, around the time of this younger photo of me, Armadillo is one of the UK’s most experienced cyber security specialists.

Armadillo focusses on enabling businesses to conduct their business in confidence, without fear of security attack and without compromising how they operate.

We provide three practice areas offering cyber security advisory, managed security services and advanced technologies.

We enable businesses to define, deliver and maintain a robust, pragmatic and compliant cyber security programme through flexible security solutions and expert advice on emerging technologies that help you to get ahead of attacker innovations.

At Armadillo we aim to build trusted relationships with customers that embed cyber security into the fabric of your business processes, enabling our customers to ride the waves of opportunity securely and with confidence.

A Cyber Security Director at one of the largest pharmaceutical companies globally commented that “Armadillo are an extension of our team and, with their continuity of technical staff, they provide a seamless level of support. We feel as confident using Armadillo for work as we would do using internal staff.”

Written by: Jon Speirs, Client Director at Armadillo.